Monday,  22 May 2023

Kinetic Group is pleased to confirm that their NZ operating units Go Bus Transport and NZ Bus are projecting a return to full driver staffing levels in all main centres over the coming weeks. 

The two companies, who have delivered urban transport routes across six of New Zealand major cities for nearly three decades, had many of their services impacted by the nationwide post-Covid driver shortage. They have spent the last six months conducting an intense recruitment campaign aimed at both overseas and local drivers.

“Through the enormous efforts of our recruitment teams across New Zealand, we have recruited enough drivers to enable a return to full services over the coming weeks,” says Head of Kinetic in New Zealand, Calum Haslop.

“We are currently on-boarding new recruits as fast as we can. We’ve made a large investment to bring in drivers quickly from the Philippines, India and Fiji to supplement our local recruitment endeavours. For those travelling from overseas locations, we are fully involved in ensuring their accommodation, banking, tax and transport needs are met until they have a chance to make their own arrangements.

“Training of course is super important, and getting all licences and permits sorted can take some time.  Fortunately, all the authorities we work with, such as Waka Kotahi and VTNZ, are mindful of the need to get bus drivers on the road and all have been very helpful.”

Kinetic has recruited approximately 559 drivers since November - 234 for Auckland, 82 for Wellington, 55 for Tauranga, 31 for Hamilton, 50 for Christchurch, and 12 for Dunedin. 

“We are now in discussions with all the regional councils we serve on dates for the return of full timetables,” Haslop says.

Kinetic is the largest bus operator in Australasia, operating NZ Bus, Go Bus, and Johnston’s in New Zealand.