Lost or Damaged Personal Items

All personal items (including luggage, sports gear, computers, and bicycles) are stored and carried entirely at the passenger’s own risk. The passenger is solely responsible for their items and the contents thereof.

Items left in our vehicles whose owner cannot be identified and contacted will be removed from the vehicle and will be stored at our bus depot. Items will be available for collection during office hours (please telephone your local depot to confirm office hours for the specific location). If not claimed within one month items will become the property of Go Bus. We will remove and securely destroy personal data from the item and will then either donate any items to charity or recycle, dispose of or sell items.

Go Bus and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any items transported by the passenger under his/her own care. We are also not responsible for loss or damage to money, securities or valuable items.

If you find an item that somebody has left on the bus please hand it to the driver as you get off the bus.

However, if you believe an abandoned item is suspicious, please do not touch the item and alert the driver immediately.

To find your local depot click here

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