Tuesday,  28 September 2021

Go Bus has launched a one month trial of electric bus technology in Dunedin. 

Go Bus has brought a 35 seat NZ built GBV electric bus to the city, and with the support of the ORC, will be trialling it on various routes across the town.  The bus is one of 34 electric buses Go Bus will be operating in New Zealand by the end of November.  

Dunedin is a fantastic trialling ground for this new electric bus technology, because as well as good passenger loads, it has hillier suburbs than the current other cities we operate electric buses in, Auckland and Christchurch. Through the trial we will be gathering some really rich and useful operating data, and no doubt making tweaks to the bus software to optimise its performance for Dunedin conditions. With the region having had a taste of the future, we hope that the trial will have paved the way for electric buses to become a permanent part of the city’s bus transport network.