Go Bus has installed Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) at seven of its depots across New Zealand, and they’re available for public use in case of an emergency. 

 Initially inspired by a Health and Safety staff meeting at Invercargill, Go Bus secured the procurement and installation of the new St. Johns’ AED’s in May of this year and is looking to acquire additional installations over the next few years. 

 “The cost is only a small price to pay when you know a device vital to resuscitation is not only within reach to your staff, but also those in the local community in which we serve”, says Calum Haslop, Managing Director, Go Bus.

 According to an Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Report by St John, approximately 1500 people die following cardiac arrest every year in New Zealand – a number five times higher than the national road toll. A patient’s chance of survival falls by 10-15% for every minute without CPR or defibrillation.

 To support the emergency device, Abletech NZ created an app called ‘AED Locations’ whose sole purpose is to help the user find the closest available AED in relation to their location.

 “Shortly after the installation at the Go Bus Maces Road location in Christchurch, one of the neighbours had an emergency, found the Go Bus AED location and borrowed the unit”, says Mr Haslop. “The ambulance and paramedics had already arrived and taken care of the patient, but knowing that our AED was available to save a life is priceless.”

 Mr Haslop says he’s very pleased with the rollout, and looks forward to finalising the installations to the additional depots in the future.

 The locations currently equipped with AED’s include Invercargill, Dunedin, Christchurch Birmingham Drive, Christchurch Maces Road, Hamilton, Gisborne and Auckland.